About the College

Established in 2004, Dinabandhu B.Ed. College is offered by Elementary Teacher education by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). This is one of the best colleges in eastern India. This college is known for providing unique programs for B.Ed students. Teachers are the backbone of society, and this Institute is aimed to provide society with qualified teachers who know how to handle teacher-student relationships and are excellent in the art of teaching.

Why CHOOSE Dinabandhu B.Ed College ?

Teachers are meant to be friends, philosophers, and guides to students. Dinabandhu B.Ed. College not only provides future teachers with knowledge about the art of teaching but also gives special attention to personality development so that the future teachers can adapt to the changing society and build bonds with students. Teachers should know how to present themselves and how to stand by the students when they need to. This Institute furnishes the capabilities of future students to make them eligible for this noble profession. By developing problem-solving capabilities, the courses teach to handle different situations. Teaching is a profession that has different aspects, and it is an institute that would help students to understand every aspect and work on them.

With amazing and well-designed infrastructure for each course and qualified faculty, this is an institute where students can sharpen their abilities and prepare themselves to be ideal teachers in future.

Besides preparing the students for a bright career, Dinabandhu B.Ed. College also provides its students with excellent opportunities and supports them to expand their networks. Seminars, workshops, and value-based programs are also arranged within the college campus to promote learning.